7 Ways to Boost Your Event Through Social Media


Social media can be a great way to engage followers and increase awareness of your event; as with all things, it is important to plan ahead. Choosing the most effective social media marketing strategies will maximize your audience engagement and event promotions. Here is a list of 7 ways to boost your event through social media platforms.


1. Create a hashtag

Hashtags are the easiest way to spread information on social media platforms. Creating a hashtag that is unique to your event and easy to understand will not only help you spread the word of your event, but allow users to share it and spread it for you. (Less work for you!)

If your event is recurring, you can create a whole separate Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat account that will allow you to post specific to that event. Users can follow the event accounts and keep up to date on any changes or upcoming event dates.

Make sure to post the hashtag on all of your communication platforms and keep it visible and easy to find at your event. Offer handouts with the hashtag or account name and incentivize people to use it through photo competitions and giveaways.

2. Increase social interaction through giveaways and trivia

Speaking of competitions, one great way to increase interaction on your social pages is to offer competitions during the event. Ask trivia questions, run photo competitions, or ask people to tag a friend to win a prize with them! Contests are a great way to promote an event but be sure to think through any legal terms and conditions that may apply.

Prizes can be anything from a simple gift bag to free tickets to a baseball game. It is important to offer a prize that is reasonable for your event budget. Using a sponsor for the prize can also help and will not only increase promotions for your event but for the sponsor as well.

3. Create a Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat is a great way to appeal to younger audiences and post quick event updates throughout the event. Using a geofilter specific to your event will engage event-goers and allow them to spread the word to their friends and followers. For information on how to create a geofilter, click here.

4. Utilize Stories to post quick updates

Instagram and Facebook Stories allow you to post quick pictures and videos to update your event-goers and potential event-goers on what is going on during the event. They offer a constant and consistent way to keep audiences engaged on your social media platforms and are easy to post to during the event.

5. Livestream

Live-streaming is a great way to engage viewers. You do not need to stream the entire event, but behind the scenes footage or interviews with speakers or performers can increase viewership on your social pages and can grow attendance of your event. Facebook Live and YouTube are easy, cost-effective ways to stream an event.

6. Use influencers to promote your event

Social Media influencers are an easy and effective way to promote your event. It is important to build relationships within your industry and using an influencer with a large following of people in your industry can be extremely beneficial to your event and your company. You can use sites such as SocialRank and Scrunch to find what influencers can be the most beneficial to you. Keynote speakers are also a great resource to promote your event; you can build in specific social media interaction in your contract to ensure engagement before and during the event.

7. Update all of your communication platforms

During your event, make sure all of your social media platforms are updated with any information about the event. Make sure to add the specific hashtag for the event, a bio that includes any important information regarding the event, and links to all of your social media pages so that people can easily find you.


Across you social media, consistency is key. Keep hashtags the same throughout the event, have purpose in every post, create a strategy that best fits your needs, and remember to make it fun! Add a photo booth to give people a reason to take pictures or invest in an Instagram cutout to give people a reason to post their pictures. The more fun attendees are having, the more they will use their own social media to promote the event.

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