Interactive Swag

Macro Productions recently had the honor of participating in the Middle Tennessee MPI chapter's annual CONNECT event.  The purpose of the event is to connect meeting planners with each other, with suppliers, and to offer CMP credit through learning opportunities given at the event.  

While at CONNECT, we learned of a cutting-edge company based in our own backyard (Nashville)-- Hip Hues.  If you're in the meetings industry and/or in marketing, you've likely been to a fair share of events and received much the same swag at each one-- pens, notepads, toys for kids that will hit the discard box in your garage within a month....blase. 

Hip Hues is anything but blase.  The premise is simple-- interactive live party printing on either t-shirts, totes, or prints.  The experience is awesome and unique.  Attendees are offered your pre-designed and selected prints of choice, they get to pick which one excites them, and they get to use their hands to physically print their shirt, then put it through a dryer.  A lovely and very friendly Hip Hues worker folds the shirt and hands it to you ready to go.  It's a very fun and engaging experience that you want to tell others about.  

We recommend you check out Hip Hues for your next event.  We don't think you'll be disappointed.