7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

One of the hardest aspects of traveling is creating and maintaining healthy habits. This is completely understandable, your normal routine is flipped on it’s head; following the tips below can help you to take control of your health on the road.

#1 Think it Through

Before you fly out - take a moment to think through the event, is there anything you forgot? Take a minute to look through your schedules in detail - It’s not too late to deal with it, but it might be in a day or two. Put your mind at ease that nothing is going to slip through the cracks.

#2 You are What you Eat (and drink)

I like to buy healthy snacks as soon as I arrive in a city. This gives you a good option for food when you’re rushing around and mealtimes may be different than your normal schedule.

Focus more on drinking enough water than your daily dose of caffeine. You can have coffee too, but hydrating will make a big difference.  

#3 Sweat it Out (actual sweating is optional)

Weather you don’t go a day without missing the gym or you’re not quite sure what the inside of a gym might look like, taking a little time to stretch and get the blood flowing will help you conquer your day. If you’re already a gym rat, you know what to do (go to the hotel gym or find a 24-hr one near you). If that’s not your style, do 10-15 minutes of yoga or stretching. Need some inspiration? Read this article by Swissôtel and Judit Rango. During the day take a 10-min walk outside. Soak in a little sun when you can.

#4 Let’s Fly Away

Flying can put a bit of a strain on your body. If you’re on a long flight, be sure to get up and walk around the cabin once or twice. This helps prevent blog clots and just plain feels good. I also love to do about ten minutes of in-seat stretches towards the end of a flight.

Sometimes working on the flight allows you to get a few things done and feel productive, but I love to use the flight time to decompress and arrive refreshed and ready to go. Find what works best for you.

#5 Sleep

The cruel reality of events is that some nights you will barely get any sleep at all, making it so much more important to be deliberate about it when you can.

  • get plenty of sleep before the event
  • make lists at the end of each night, to allow your mind to relax
  • catch a nap during slow times
  • prioritize - don’t party every night

Sleep improves memory, can spur creativity, and sharpen attention. So be sure to get sleep when you can.



#6 Breathe

When something does happen, breath - you got this. Something is bound to go wrong at a live event, it’s pretty much a guarantee. The key is to remain calm and deal with the situation as best as you can. If you have clients onsite, be sure to communicate clearly and often on what happened and the status of the issue. A calm presents is always welcome in a stressful moment.

#7 Decompress

Allot time to decompress post-show. Rest, watch Netflix, take a walk, do some yoga, whatever relaxes you.

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